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By jimsalvatorepi8694, May 4 2017 05:56PM

On rare occassions an agraffe breaks in a piano. The agraffe is a termination point for the strings. If an agraffe breaks it must be replaced. The agraffe is screwed in the plate. If the agraffe breaks there is a chance the threaded end will remain in the plate. The challenge for the technician is to remove the stub cleanly without damaging the plate threads. Recently I've had an agraffe break and removing the stub was challenging. It can be done you just need a lot of patience to work the stub out of the plate.

By jimsalvatorepi8694, Oct 19 2016 06:05PM

I highly encourage any person seeking to buy a used piano to discuss the purchase with piano techncian.

The piano techncian can help a buyer by detailing the parts of the piano that need to be inspected. I recently was invited to tune a piano that was purchased and moved to the buyers home. When I opened the piano I saw parts that were being held together with rubber bands and hair elastics. These were not professional repairs and were falling apart. Had the owner inspected the piano prior to taking ownership they could have saved moving dollars. This piano will cost more to repair than the value of the instrument .

Many piano techncians will inspect a piano on the buyers behalf for a fee and provide the buyer with an evalauation. Pianos are complex instruments that require regular aintenance with occasional repair and adjustments. There are many pianos that have been neglected and need repair before they can be used as intended. Consider consullting with a trusted piano technician before purchasing a used piano.

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